Alternative Longboards Fantail Libra Deck

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Alternative Longboards Fantail Libra Deck

Deck only. Griptape not included.

Unleash your adventurous nature and love for adrenaline with your new Fantail longboard deck.
Designed to accompany you on your local hills or wherever your longboarding travels take you, the Fantail will surely make you stoked to hop on board as soon as possible.

  • Sidewall Protection Yes
  • Length 90 cm / 35.4"
  • Width 24.5 cm / 9.65"
  • Wheelbase 61.45 cm - 64.5 cm / 24.19" - 25.39"
  • Concave 9.6 mm / 0.37"
  • Rocker 13 mm / 0.51"
  • Kicktail 20.7 mm / 0.81"
  • Flex Stiff
  • Purpose Downhill, Freeride

By combining a light, springy core with surrounding hardwood laminates, fiberglass and a layer of carbon fiber,
the Fantail offers a lively and vibration damping ride. The specially developed sandwich construction creates a thicker center base
that runs through the whole length of the board and slightly narrows on the front and back edges for bigger wheel wells.
In order to keep you skating longer, the Fantail’s durable construction was further reinforced with strategically placed protection
of ABS sidewalls surrounding the wheel wells and the board’s ends. Not only does this enhance the durability,
but also protect the edges in situations when you can’t stop the board from flipping over.

The Fantail is a 90 cm (35.43 inches) directional longboard with a top-mount truck mounting for better maneuverability and
board control when riding. With a slightly wider front and tapered tail, it promotes smooth turning entry and exits and improved stability at higher speeds. It’s 24.5 cm (9.65 inches) width provides a big enough platform for a stable and comfortable
foot placement no matter your shoe size. Paired with a comfortable concave and rocker, the Fantail enables you to safely carve
and effortlessly perform edge-to-edge transitions for quick heelside and toeside slides.

Set in nature’s wilderness in a post-apocalyptic time, a family made a small junkyard their home.
Despite the odds, each family member strives for the future in their individual way.
They will not surrender to their daily struggles, yet they will do what it takes to carry on.
A mixture of innocent and crazy, but kinda awesome. Fantail’s graphic presents a magical ritual that lets you forget about the
daily noise and just feel great. It’s a sweet-savory kind of lifestyle.

Directional shape with top-mount truck mounting
Wide platform for a stable ride no matter your shoe size
New lightweight core construction
Robust sandwich construction featuring a light wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates
ABS impact protection on the nose and tail for improved durability
Big wheel wells for higher wheel clearance
High kicktail design for better pop
A comfortable concave for good board feel Rocker for easier edge-to-edge transitions
Stiff flex for better stability at higher speeds
Best used for Downhill and Freeride
Appropriate for all skill levels
Handmade in Poland, Europe
Graphic art by Tomasz Lesniak

"Color": Blue
"Flexboard": Noflex
"Truck Mount": Topmount
"Length": 35.4"
"Width": 9.6"
"Shape": Fullshape Single Kick Asymmetric

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