Black Ballet Dead Velvet Skateboard deck 33.9"

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Black Ballet Dead Velvet Skateboard deck 33.9"

1x Deck (Ohne Griptape)

Recht langes Skateboard deck. Handmade in Polen.

A walk out of oblivion. Short stroll explains a wanderer everything she needs to know. Your steps with this creation will take you through every path, and guide you to the highest challenges of everyday life. The versatility of this piece is all you need to cruise whenever the street calls. Don?t worry about the outlook of your actions. Step patiently, control your moves and let the mind, not time, set your schedule. Keep your head up, observe the environement, move with the flow or turn around and control the tide in direction you want it to be.

Länge: 86 cm | 33,9? Breite: 23,5 cm | 9,3? Wheelbase: 43,5 cm | 17,1? Gewicht: 1,4 kg | 3,08 lbs

Photo made by Marcin Gaska

"Farbe": Weiß
"Flexboard": Noflex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 33.8"
"Breite": 9.3"
"Shape": Fullshape Double Kick

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